Sheet Vinyl

As a durable and affordable flooring option that can complement most any space, sheet vinyl flooring makes a smart choice.


A longtime classic for kitchen vinyl flooring, sheet vinyl’s recent advances in style and technology mean greater choices for all kinds of spaces. With impressive realism and comfort, today’s vinyl flooring sheets can mimic a wide range of surfaces, including stone, wood and tile.


Made with waterproof materials, sheet vinyl is perfect for bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and basement flooring.


Few flooring options are as easy to care for as sheet vinyl. With simple sweeping and mopping, it resists stains, pets and scuff marks.


Easy to install and simple to maintain, sheet vinyl is one of the lowest-cost flooring options available.  

Air Quality

Many varieties of sheet vinyl are made with recycled content and ultra-low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so they emit no air contaminants—perfect for spaces where allergies are a concern.

We have an unrivaled selection of styles and patterns to choose from. For the best vinyl sheet flooring in the industry, we’ve got you covered.