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Support Jenna’s Blessing Bags & Save!

Bring in 10 items or more to donate to Jenna’s Blessing Bags to support the local homeless community and SAVE 10% on your purchase.

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Jennas Blessing Bags | Allied Flooring and Paint

Jenna's Blessing Bags was started in memory of Jenna Burleigh, a western Massachusetts native. A victim of violence, Jenna had a kind heart and spent time collecting backpacks and life essentials to help the homeless in Philadelphia, where she attended college.

We are collecting items for Jenna’s Blessing Bags through Friday, December 31. Help keep her compassionate spirit alive by continuing her mission here in western Massachusetts and northern Connecticut.

As an added incentive, if you bring a minimum of 10 items from the list below to either of our locations, we’ll give you 10% off your materials purchased* that day. All items collected will be added to Jenna’s Blessing Bags for distribution to our local homeless population.

*Terms and conditions may apply.


Items Needed

We invite you to donate the following new items:

Personal Care


Wet Wipes

Bandages/Small First Aid Kits

Feminine Care Products


Body Lotions

Antibacterial Ointments

Toothbrush/Cover and Toothpaste

Dental Floss


Lip Balms


Hand Sanitizers

Hair Ties

Comfort Items

Emergency Blankets (Mylar)

Local Resource Guides

Journals & Pens

Refillable Water Bottles

Hand/Feet/Body Warmers


Socks (Regular and Heavy)

Small Blankets

Winter Hats

Rain Ponchos

Winter Gloves

Winter Scarves

Baseball Caps



Small Canned Fruit & Veggies(that can be opened without can opener)

Canned Meat/Fish/Beans
(that can be opened without can opener)

Bottled Waters



Trail Mix

Peanut Butter

Granola Bars

Dried Fruit and Meat