Timeless and beautiful, wood flooring will always be a wise and stunning choice for any space. Long prized in living rooms, hallways and dining rooms, hardwood can increasingly be found in every space imaginable.


Hardwood floors elevate the visual impact of a room, complementing any type of décor.  


Recent advances in floor technology have made long-lasting hardwood flooring even more durable.


With simple and regular maintenance, the best hardwood floors will retain their rich elegance for a lifetime, often deepening in tone and grain patterns.  


When it comes to return on investment, hardwood floors are proven to increase a home’s value, with an immediate impression on visitors and prospective buyers alike.

Air Quality

Hardwood won’t absorb dust, pollen, pet dander or other allergens, making it a healthy choice for interior spaces where allergies are a concern.

Allied carries a full range of the best types of hardwood floors from the top brands in the business. Choose from an impressive selection of wood types, colors, grains and board widths, to perfectly fit your vision.

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