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Celebrate National Decorating Month with these Design Tips

Did spring cleaning leave you realizing your home could use a makeover? Well, you are in luck as April is National Decorating Month. Originating more than 50 years ago, this month is a push for new beginnings in your house. The thought of redecorating the whole thing can be daunting, so we have compiled a few projects to use as stepping stones to start the ball rolling.

Design Tips for National Decorating Month

Add a fresh coat of paint. An instant facelift for any room is a coat of paint. No matter if it is just a slight color change or something drastic, the room will look much different with a new color on the walls. Work with the furniture and fixtures you already have when choosing. If you have neutral furniture, maybe choose a color that’s a little bolder and vice-versa.

Paint a piece of furniture. Speaking of paint, you can also use it to spruce up an old piece of furniture. This can be a table, chairs, end tables, dresser, etc. Paint the piece to match others in the room or use a bright tone to add a pop of color to your space.

Fill your home with flowers and greenery. Fresh flowers are mood boosters and make your home feel welcoming. If you can’t keep up with fresh-cut flowers every week, plants and succulents add a touch of life to any room. No green thumb? Fake plants are fine, too.

Invest in new artwork. Adding a few new pieces to your walls allows you to express your personality and style. If you want to keep the artwork you have, painting all the frames a matching color can create a gallery feel. You don’t have to spend a lot; framed vacation photos, greeting cards and posters can add a personal touch on a budget.

Add carpet. A surefire way to make a room more comfortable and inviting is with a new plush carpet. It is practical, versatile, absorbs noise and can transform a room. With endless colors, fabrics and textures, we’re sure to have a carpet that matches your style.

Change up the flooring in your kitchen or bathroom. The floors in both these rooms get a lot of wear and tear from moisture and daily use. Look into a durable and classic choice like porcelain or ceramic tile that is timeless and will last longer than other options.

Exchange your fabrics. As the cold winter months come to an end, swap out your heavier throws and pillows for more seasonal choices. Lighter fabrics like cotton and linen in brighter colors bring spring to any room.

Fix up your outdoor space. Warmer weather is on the way, making it the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor area. New cushions, a new outdoor dining set and even a firepit will make a big difference when barbeque season is in full swing. A fresh coat of paint can also brighten up your exterior if your porch or deck is looking a little faded.

How We Can Help

Along with providing quality paint and flooring, we are also known as the go-to destination for design help for home and commercial properties. We can help with inspiration, looking at the project holistically to fulfill your overall vision. Our design specialist has you covered and is certified by the American Society of Interior Designers. Our services include color consultation, fabric selection and in-home consultation.

Contact us and we can help your design ideas become a reality.