Practical, fashionable and versatile, carpeting provides warmth, absorbs noise and transforms a room.

We carry top brand carpet choices for family rooms, bedrooms, hallways, commercial properties and beyond. Our expert carpet install crews bring skills, knowledge and urgency to every project.

As the Home of the Free Carpet Cleaning, and with 24/7 emergency water extraction services, our trained and skilled professionals keep your carpeting in top condition.

The benefits of carpet are wall-to-wall:


With our broad selection of premium carpet styles and sizes, you can give a room immediate dramatic impact.


Hard surfaces can be uncomfortable for long periods of standing. For playtime with toddlers, cocktail parties or simply as a welcome relief after a day spent in work shoes, carpeting eases away the stress. 


With advances in fabrics and stain-resistant technologies, caring for carpeting has never been easier. Our experts can recommend the best carpet for pets, families, high traffic areas and beyond.


Depending on the size and style, carpeting can often be easier to install than some types of hard flooring, making it a more cost-effective solution.


There’s nothing like the feel of warm carpeting underfoot on a cold winter morning. Carpet provides a higher insultation factor than hard flooring, which boosts energy savings.


Carpeting absorbs noise and cuts out the hard echo of footsteps on hard flooring, promoting a calm environment.


Carpeting prevents slips and falls, both on stairs and in flat areas, making it a sensible choice for homes with children, the elderly or people with mobility concerns.

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With a range of styles, lengths, fabrics and sizes, we have the right carpeting for your space. Whether you’re a residential homeowner or a commercial property manager, when it comes to beautiful and durable carpeting, we’ve got you covered.