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Bamboo flooring can give you the natural beauty of wood in your home without you having to feel that your choice in home improvements is having a damaging affect on the environment. As one of natures greatest gifts to mankind, bamboo has been used in many useful ways since the beginning of time. In modern times it has become the wood of choice for making both decorative and practical items that are aesthetically pleasing as well as environmentally friendly.

The Sustainability of Bamboo Flooring The Durability of Bamboo

For those who find it hard to comprehend just how bamboo flooring can possibly be more durable than other types of wood, consider this: regular trees will bend and eventually crack in heavy winds and turbulent weather. Bamboo is not like regular wood; it is pliable and resilient, and bends under the same conditions that would cause other trees to break.

While bamboo flooring is one of the hardest, most durable types of wood flooring out there it is also one of the kindest to Mother Nature. Technically, bamboo is classified as a grass, which means that it grows at a rapid rate. The reason that the harvesting of trees is so devastating to the environment is because they take anywhere from 15 to 100 years to become fully mature. Bamboo can be harvested every five to seven years, making it a more economically and environmentally sound solution for beautiful hardwood flooring.

Bamboo – an excellent choice! In a world increasingly concerned about the sustainability of the things we use, bamboo flooring is like a breath of fresh air. Environmentally sound, yet resilient and durable, bamboo flooring is the hardwood flooring solution for those who are looking for a beautiful floor without having to sacrifice quality, cost, or the environment.

We offer bamboo floors from the best (and greenest) companies. Stop by and visit our showroom, call 413-233-3100 or complete the quick form below and one of our specialists will contact you ASAP!

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