Bamboo and Cork

Beautiful, modern and eco-friendly flooring options, bamboo and cork are gaining in popularity, offering a warm visual appeal to any space.  


With a range of styles and finishes, both bamboo and cork make a strong aesthetic impact, with modern or cozy qualities.


When it comes to the benefits of resilient bamboo, durability is near the top of the list. A tough and unique hardwood, it stands up to high traffic, pets and kids.


Made from natural ingredients, cork is long-lasting, easy-to-maintain and comfortable flooring. It has terrific thermal and sound insulation, keeping it warm in the winter, cool in the summer and quiet underfoot.


Both bamboo and cork flooring are relatively easy to maintain, requiring only dust mopping or vacuuming and an occasional damp mop.


Often easier to install than hardwood, both cork and bamboo flooring can be cost-effective alternatives.


Because of its quick and easy growing habit, bamboo is more renewable than other woods, making it an environmentally friendly option. Made without harming trees, cork flooring is another excellent, green-friendly option.

For the best choices in elegant and environmentally sustainable bamboo and cork flooring, we’ve got you covered.