Asthma Sufferers: The Benefits of Carpet are Wall-to-Wall

Carpet has always been a popular flooring choice for homes and businesses, but the benefits of carpet are now expanding to include improving indoor air quality. The National Institute of Health’s National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute released the 2020 Focused Updates to the Asthma Management Guidelines, which no longer include recommendations to remove carpeting as a treatment for asthma and allergies.

Studies by The Carpet and Rug Institute have actually found carpet improves indoor air quality, trapping dirt and debris that would normally be in the air we breathe. They found if the carpet is vacuumed and cleaned regularly, it cuts down on the number of particles in the air, improving the overall air quality. This just adds to the other proven benefits of having carpet.

Other Benefits of Carpet

Style: Carpet comes in every color, shade, pattern and texture imaginable. You are sure to be able to find the right one to match any room.

Comfort and Warmth: It provides a comfortable place to sit or play while providing actual thermal insulation. Carpet can work as a shock absorber for your steps, making it easier on the body. It also reduces heat loss in your home, saving you money on heating costs.

Care: With advances in fabrics and stain-resistant technologies, caring for carpet has never been easier. Our experts can help you find the correct fit for any room or lifestyle. We also offer cleaning services if you can’t get out a tough stain or want to revive carpets for a fresher, cleaner look. To ensure any carpet purchased with us stays beautiful, we offer the first carpet cleaning for free within one year.

Cost: Depending on the size and style, carpet can often be easier and faster to install, saving you money. It can be installed right over existing flooring, eliminating the need for extra prep work prior to installation.

Quiet: Sound caries much further on hard surfaces, bouncing off floors and walls. Carpet deadens the sound, absorbing it to create a much quieter space.

Safety: Wood, tile and other flooring surfaces can be slippery and result in greater injury if someone falls. Carpet is not only softer but can also help prevent slips and falls in the first place, especially on stairs.

How We Can Help

We carry top carpet brands with hundreds of colors and styles to choose from and offer professional installation. We also provide one free carpet cleaning service within one year for any purchase of $500 or more to help extend the life of your rug and further improve the air quality in your home. Visit us today to browse our extensive selection of carpets for every room.